After a couple of days rain, Shiitake mushrooms bore their fruits.


And young shoots of bamboo showed their faces, too.


It’s time to dig them up.


We often boil bamboo shoots with soy, fishy soup stock and with some sugar maybe. They are so tender and crunchy at the same time. They bring us the joy of Spring with their fantastic smelling. There is nothing better than freshly cooked bamboo shoots in this season, I can say.



Found an ume blossom fallen on the ridge of the garden.Found an ume blossom fallen on the ridge of our garden.


Yowzer! Qinggengcai is back to life again!! They once had been eaten all their leaves just a couple of weeks ago. Looks they’re doing great, doesn’t it? This must be a miracle on Easter day.


Japanese radish is back, too.


Burdock also resumed its life from scratch. I clearly remember that they were attacked by frost and injured so seriously. And I just wonder how these veges did things like this. Is it nothing surprising for them, while it’s nothing but a magic for me?


Eventually, the sun is back and shining on veges beautifully. Yee-haa!


Within a week or less, the leaves of qing-geng-cai, spinach and radish are eaten by wild inhabitants. You may call this a tragedy. But there is something amazing. Komatsunas (Japanese mustard spinach) were not among the casualties at all. I have no idea why they didn’t attack komatsunas. This is really something for me.


At once, I improvised a fence with bamboo arches and a vinyl net.


I also made a bamboo dipper. Simplicity is I think the most important element of beauty.


Wanting to be more eco-friendly somehow, we boiled some beans by the bonfire.


This is how we cooked. An improvised charcoal cooker. Quite nice to use I can tell. In the other pot on the right, we also boiled some red beans to make Oshiruko soup, which is sugar sweetened and of course delicious.  A typical winter treat in Japan.


It’s so freezing like once in 2 decades this winter all over Japan. A severe frost attacked 8K vegetable garden as well. Burdock seems to be destroyed by the frost.


Horse beans are down, too. How sad it looks.


Put bamboo leaves as a roof

So I put bamboo leaves like a roof to save veges from freezing.


Though. God sometimes gives us a pain and a slight relief at the same time. Once I thought spinach is totally dead because of the excess of acidity of the soil. But unexpectedly, it began spreading its leaf nice and wide. Way to go!


Bamboo forest needs to be well cared. Otherwise, it goes wild and each bamboo comes out too close.


When bamboos come out too close, they might get stand decayed.


In order to make the bamboo forest well conditioned and let the sun light shine down more on the vegetable garden, I spend most of my time to cut down bamboos.


After several hour work, I laid down on a bed made of bamboo branches.


And I felt quite cozy. It was kind of like time goes slower here in the garden.


Found a tiny maple seedling turned red.


Today I’m gonna tread wheat to make them tough. And hopefully I’m gonna harvest good amount of flour in the end.


Now it’s done. Hope they are O.K.