Found the bloom of bellflowers. The rainy season set in here in Japan.


A young grass hopper hanging on wheat told me it’s time to crop.


So I cut down. 3 baskets of wheat.


I also cropped garlic.



In the morning, I found a beautiful shield bug crawling on leaves.


I’m going to plant garlic today. These are seed garlic called “white 6” from Aomori-ken pref.


I’ve also amazonized a brand new hoe, single edged. This hoe is quite versatile and comfortable to use. I can build a hill and also cut weeds out with it.


With the hoe I made a 10m long bank and planted the seed garlic beside the cliff. I wonder if I put them too deep into the soil. Hope not.


Found a mantis waiting for her dinner by a lamp. Clever girl.


I bought some plant seeds at a DIY store. What the heck kind of color is this?


Can you imagine this? Super bright red spinach seeds. I know disinfection may be a must thing. But commercial convenience really sucks. Unfortunately I don’t have any other options available right now, though.


Now I know that I should learn more about plant seeds. And I think I had a glimpse of a global conspiracy of major seed breeding companies. They “with no hesitation” produce artificial seeds by DNA manipulation and intend to control the market. Sounds bloody hell. You know I want our garden and our crops as authentic as possible, man.