Monthly Archives: June 2012

Nandin tore its buds and spread little yellow flowers.


Kidney beans also blossomed.


Within only a month, they’ve rapidly grown about 210cm tall. They understandably seem skinny a bit. But not unhealthy.


Carrots are doing good, too.



Found the bloom of bellflowers. The rainy season set in here in Japan.


A young grass hopper hanging on wheat told me it’s time to crop.


So I cut down. 3 baskets of wheat.


I also cropped garlic.


Bamboo is super versatile. So I use them to make a bean trellis. This time, I’m gonna take thin Japanese bamboos instead of fat Chinese “moso” bamboos.


Improvised kidney bean trellis. It’s about 2 meter high. Not so beautiful but it’s good enough.


At once, kidney beans began to entwine their vines.


I also put a permeable fabric on soy beans to protect them from bugs.


Wheat getting fatter and darker.


Burdock widely spreading their leaves. Looks nice. You may wonder we Japanese eat burdock roots.


But you know burdock root is a reservoir of dietary fiber, mineral and amino acids. Pretty good for your health. As a trial, I dug some of them. But they were still like babies. Some were thin and some were short. I decided to wait.