Monthly Archives: February 2012

Eventually, the sun is back and shining on veges beautifully. Yee-haa!


Within a week or less, the leaves of qing-geng-cai, spinach and radish are eaten by wild inhabitants. You may call this a tragedy. But there is something amazing. Komatsunas (Japanese mustard spinach) were not among the casualties at all. I have no idea why they didn’t attack komatsunas. This is really something for me.


At once, I improvised a fence with bamboo arches and a vinyl net.


I also made a bamboo dipper. Simplicity is I think the most important element of beauty.



Wanting to be more eco-friendly somehow, we boiled some beans by the bonfire.


This is how we cooked. An improvised charcoal cooker. Quite nice to use I can tell. In the other pot on the right, we also boiled some red beans to make Oshiruko soup, which is sugar sweetened and of course delicious.  A typical winter treat in Japan.


It’s so freezing like once in 2 decades this winter all over Japan. A severe frost attacked 8K vegetable garden as well. Burdock seems to be destroyed by the frost.


Horse beans are down, too. How sad it looks.


Put bamboo leaves as a roof

So I put bamboo leaves like a roof to save veges from freezing.


Though. God sometimes gives us a pain and a slight relief at the same time. Once I thought spinach is totally dead because of the excess of acidity of the soil. But unexpectedly, it began spreading its leaf nice and wide. Way to go!