Monthly Archives: December 2011

I like to make bonfire very much. Watching flame makes me feel cozy.


After the several hour back-breaking work, we had a break and cooked some sweet potatoes.


First, we wrapped potatoes in wet paper, then covered them with foil and put them directly on hot charcoal.


Then we put a shallow tin pot upside down on the potatoes and made fire upon it again.


About 40 minutes later, potatoes were beautifully roasted. Soft and sweet. We enjoyed them very much.


We cooked some fish, too. They were so good as well, haha. Actually, these fish had been pickled in salt water and then sun dried. The traditional Japanese way to make fish well preserved and taste better than raw ones.



Maple leaves turned red.


Ume trees put forth buds. And we had the first frost last night.


Today, I cut down some bamboos, because they were shading the garden.


My father with a hatchet came to help. I liked his wearing a mod parka.