Monthly Archives: November 2011

Found fungi growing in our garden. This can be a good sign that the soil is cultivated nicely by microbes.


Another fungus here. When I slightly turned over the soil around fungi, it smelled like mushroom really nice and clean.


How chaotic it looks. But the key is beneath the surface. Recently, I often spend my time imagining what’s happening in the soil. It makes me so relaxed. I’m kind of addicted to the world underground.


Soil science

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About 2 weeks after sowing, wheat began to put baby leaves straight into the air.


Meanwhile, gobo plants, kind of burdock, have already spread their adult leaves.


As a precaution against the cold, I trimmed some over-grown stems off the horse beans.


Found a toad lily. It could be a good evidence we are going through a warm autumn this year.


Today, I’m gonna seed wheat. I’ve heard wheat’s roots are tough enough to break solid parts of the soil and go deeper underground. Kind of natural cultivator. That is the main reason I saw wheat.


First, I wipe out the grass with my 4 stroke Makita to make up new section of our garden. I call this section “section B.” Second, I cover section B over all with about 8,000 grains of wheat and tread them down.


Then I spread bamboo leaves on them instead of covering them with earth.


After about 3 hour work, I met the mantis again. She is now covered with autumn color.


Found bright red berries of a Nanten plant at the entrance of 8K vegetable garden.


Many kinds of leaves had fallen over all the garden during my 3 weeks absence. Let’s do nothing but listen and observe to catch up.


I’m pretty happy because garlic had spread its buds nicely. Garlic is kind of top priority theme for me.


Meanwhile, komatsuna: Japanese mustard spinach and qinggengcai: also a spinach-like vegetable from China had been partly eaten by caterpillars. Yikes! I’ve heard that caterpillars or other insects tend to prefer bad parts of plants like rotten, sour or bitter as their meals. We mammals normally do not take these parts. Maybe something unnatural caused this in our garden, I reckon. But I have no idea what it is.


Broad beans look too slender for me. Do they need more sun light? Winter is coming. Hope they are able to resist the frost.


During my observation, weeds gave me unnoticed souvenir a lot. How tough nature is.