Monthly Archives: October 2011

What a diversity. I really love this forest. O.K. I’m gonna make something fancy with bamboo quick.


First, I laid a bamboo down and cut it into pieces.


Then I split them with a hatchet like so.


And I improvised a bamboo fence. Quite oriental, isn’t it? What nice about bamboo is its ease of processing, flexibility and durability. Bamboo is really really versatile. I sometimes will show you more usage of it.



I have no doubt bamboo is a versatile plant.


You can make a seeding grid with it and seed more accurately. I sowed burdock seeds in this way.


You also can use bamboo grass like I mulched horse beans and radishes with it. I call this bamboo mulch.


Meanwhile, dandelions began to bloom. Nature really goes quick.


Here is a tip. Don’t sow too close like so. If you did, you have to thin them out and naturally break your back.


Young leaves taste nice and fresh, though.


In the morning, I found a beautiful shield bug crawling on leaves.


I’m going to plant garlic today. These are seed garlic called “white 6” from Aomori-ken pref.


I’ve also amazonized a brand new hoe, single edged. This hoe is quite versatile and comfortable to use. I can build a hill and also cut weeds out with it.


With the hoe I made a 10m long bank and planted the seed garlic beside the cliff. I wonder if I put them too deep into the soil. Hope not.


A persimmon dropped its fruit.


And the buds began to open. I’ve bent over and stared at them with big excitement. Spinach seeds used to have artificial bloody red exterior last week. Once opened, they seem to be full of life though.


White radish, Japanese mustard spinach and broad beans also opened their buds. I felt kind of vibration of life. They are so sweet.


Meanwhile, dandelions have already spread their leaves. Wild always goes agile and substantial, doesn’t it?


Found a mantis waiting for her dinner by a lamp. Clever girl.


I bought some plant seeds at a DIY store. What the heck kind of color is this?


Can you imagine this? Super bright red spinach seeds. I know disinfection may be a must thing. But commercial convenience really sucks. Unfortunately I don’t have any other options available right now, though.


Now I know that I should learn more about plant seeds. And I think I had a glimpse of a global conspiracy of major seed breeding companies. They “with no hesitation” produce artificial seeds by DNA manipulation and intend to control the market. Sounds bloody hell. You know I want our garden and our crops as authentic as possible, man.


Found akebi ripe.


I also found a gigantic colony of fungi in the bamboo forest. It was about 60cm long 30cm wide and 4cm thick. Looks bizarre, huh? But alone in the forest, I was so exited finding this like I stroke a gold vein. And I ran back to the garden.


Today I’m gonna use rice bran to feed fungi.


Rice bran spread on our garden. They say “rice bran gives extra nitrogen into soil.” I don’t want our garden to be too nitrogenous. So I put it just a little bit like a light snowfall.


After about 30 meter journey from the forest to our garden (which must be an astronomical distance for them,)  the colony was tore into pieces and spread on the soil. Well, what a tragedy. Sorry to disturb. Hope you guys open up a new field.